Updated: Oct 27, 2020

By Cian Jenkins

Even before launching her career as a multitalented singer/songwriter, Amber Prothero always had a knack for finding a wonderfully unique perspective to her surroundings.

Growing up, Amber perceived the world around her with a certain musicality, finding that she could best articulate herself not through her own words, but rather through her lyrics and poetry. Realising this innate flair for lyricism, Amber purchased a second-hand keyboard and guitar on eBay back in 2009, becoming her own teacher and from there on, the rest is history.

Cut to now, Amber Prothero is a dynamic musical force, drawing her inspiration from muses such as Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles.

Her dreamy, soulful vocals merge perfectly with her raw confessional lyricism in a way that completely captures the complexity of our emotions. Weaving through a multitude of genres, Amber smoothly transitions from traditional acoustic to pop to the more experimental, most recently incorporating dubstep and D&B into her musical repertoire.


Amber's latest single 'Apocalypse' is a perfect demonstration of her unique artistry. Her dark and distinctive voice, almost mournful, reflects on our current unprecedented times of isolation before rising into a joyful call for unity and strength, leaving us with a sense of euphoria long after the song has ended. Throughout all of Amber's work, one thing remains constant, a deeply soulful voice that transforms every song into a vibrant articulation of emotion.

By Cian Jenkins

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